Shipping & Terms

Live arrival guaranteed!

With every purchase is a partnership. We promise to professionally pack and ship you only the healthiest frontosa. If your frontosa doesn’t arrive alive, we will replace them at no charge to you. Please read below for details.

Prepare for your fish’s arrival at home!

Once your fish are delivered alive, they are your responsibility. Be sure that you’ve properly prepared their environment before securing your shipping date with us.

  • Make sure tank is clean – if other fish are in the tank be 100% sure they are healthy and show no signs of parasites or disease.
  • Temp 74-78 degrees. / Moderate to High Water Hardness / Ammonia 0 / Nitrite 0 /

Shipping: offers:

  • Air-Cargo to your nearest airport. Specific shipping quote is provided with order.
  • Direct to your door via FedEx Overnight IN U.S. & CANADA. Specific shipping quote is provided with order.

 Your Responsibilities:

  • If you chose air-cargo: Make sure to pick up your fish within 2 hours after they arrive at your nearest airport. Air-Cargo lets us know when your fish arrived at their facility and also when you’ve picked up your shipment.
  • If you chose FedEx overnight shipping: You must be at the desitination address to accept your shipment. UPS notifies us when an attempt of delivery is made and when a signature is received. Signature of acceptance is required.
  • You must open your package and inspect your fish immediately upon receiving them. In the unlikely event your fish arrive dead, we reserve the right to have the fish shipped back to us packed in salt for preservation, in order to be considered for replacement. We will provide instructions on how to do so. does not accept liability for the following:

On occasion, carriers will screw up. DOA’s due to carrier mishandling such as delivery delays, damaged boxes or water temperature extremes. In such cases you must file a claim with the carrier. This requires the shipment be inspected on the arrival date by a representative of the carrier. will not issue credit due to any negligence by the carrier. We will offer support to you in terms of advice so that you have the best chance at receiving a full claim.