About Us

Hello, and Welcome! You may notice that Mobafrontosa.com is under new ownership. Alison Lowe and Howard Irgang have now taken over. Thanks to Bob and Connie Keeton, close friends for many years, who have kept a great legacy going which will now continue.

All of the wild stock offered on this site are imported via direct contacts in Africa. We also import F-1 stock from Europe, as well as produce in-house F-1 offspring from our prized breeders.

Did we mention that we also own Cichlidsandherps.net! Now offering a large selection of quality African Cichlids. Don’t forget to check it out before placing an order.

Curious about our fish barn? Located in Saucier, Mississippi, USA. All of our fish are kept in a 2200 square foot, climate controlled building on our farm. We take pride in our fish and strive to make our customers the happiest.

The Fish Barn: